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In a world where the economy is changing by the minute, you need the expertise of people that
can provide advisory services to meet the demands of the global business environment.  And
you need this information in a cost effective and timely fashion.  Achieving competitive
excellence is what we are all about.

Whether your company is a mature product line multi-national business or a fledgling
emerging technology startup, our consultants have the knowledge and expertise to pave the
path to your success.
Creating your successful future is our only objective.  Contact us and we will work on a roadmap
that can meet your short and long term goals.
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In The News
July 2007 -  CEO and Founder, Dr. Neil Livingston was
recently quoted in the Wall Street Journal.  He is one of the
Co-Chairs of the Financial Executives Networking Group -
FENG.  By offering FENG members leads to senior financial
executive positions for free through his firm, he opens up
his own network of contacts.  This activity is an outreach
of Wraith Technologies and their core services to their clients.
When you help others, they naturally want to help back.

To Read the entire article, go to WSJ On-line:
In Hunt for High Pay, Be Specific
More-Exclusive Sites Might Net Better Results For Experienced
July 31, 2007; Page B6

December 2006 - Wraith Technologies helps LaSalle Bank with one of its legacy accounts in
the suburbs of Chicago.  The client was an under-performing multi-national and multi-site
manufacturing firm for the automotive industry.  LaSalle wanted a firm with experience in the
automotive industry that could lead the client towards Asset Based Lending and find additional
liquidity through refinancing.  Wraith met those objectives while also introducing the
manufacturer to private equity sources should the firm desire to recapitalize sometime in the
future.  Wraith placed a consultant into the manufacturing firm as the Pro Tem CEO and Sr. V.P.
Group to ensure the consultant had the authority to aggressively move the company towards a
roadmap that increased the EBITDA and improved manufacturing throughput.

December 2006 - Founder & CEO of Wraith Technologies, Dr. Neil Livingston was invited to join
the American Industrial Acquisition Corporation - AIAC as a Managing Director by the Chairman,
Mr. Leonard Levie.  AIAC is a private holding firm with 17 companies in North America and
Europe and acquires organizations that are distressed or under-performing.