About Our Business
Defense Technologies
Wraith Technologies is dedicated to providing a base of
multidisciplinary knowledge and technology that supports
development and responsible application of emerging
scientific discoveries in lasers, sensors, arrays, information,
modeling & simulation and weapon systems.

From industrial gas turbines to fuel cells, our experts keep
abreast of the latest scientific discoveries in these
industries.  We conduct research and prepare feasibility
studies that can keep the utility industry informed of the
options before them in regards to capital equipment
investment and operation.

Science, Technology  Biotech
We represent associations, universities, societies, and both
large and small high technology companies engaged in
work at some of the government’s most innovative research
agencies and laboratories. Our team has members with
direct government and corporate experience in defense,
energy, materials, electronics, chemicals, healthcare,
telecommunications, and biotechnology.

International Relations/Business Development
Corporations and other institutions are continuously faced
with both challenges and opportunities in the fast-moving
global economy. As formerly closed markets open around
the world, investment opportunities abound.  In order to
remain competitive, expansion and growth within the
epicenters of emerging commerce around the world is a

Interim Executive Management
WTI provides a complete package of operational services for
primarily distressed enterprises.  Specializing in Interim
Executive Management, WTI successfully creates platforms
for managing change in a variety of industries.

Transformational Specialists
We can lead firms from no cash/no draw/no borrowing
power position to adequate cash reserves, competitive
partner draws, and solid banking relationship with significant
borrowing power in 12 months.

WTI can also orchestrate expansions and relocations of
client firms. Selected office space; negotiate leases; arrange
for build-out, furnishings, equipment acquisition, and initial
staffing for early-stage companies.

Finance Compliance
Our associates can bring fiduciary responsibility to your
company to minimize tax.  It takes a deeply committed staff
with in-depth knowledge of the statues in every jurisdiction to
offer this service.
Core Competencies